What I Love About Mexico


Mexico is one of my favourite places on earth to visit and I take every opportunity I can to get back there. It is one of those places that always fascinates me due to the rich culture and history that it has.


The beaches are amazing in Mexico, full stop and experiencing it from Mexico beach rentals is the best way to soak in the beach. You don’t even need to drive there, you simply walk and jump in and enjoy the most amazing beaches you have ever seen in your life. The coast of Mexico is along the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean sea and shares many of the elements that make beaches in the Caribbean so great. Think white sand and crystal clear waters.


Do you know somebody that doesn’t like Mexican food? That’s right, everybody loves it and it is so delicious that it would be impossible not to. There is nothing better than the mix of flavours that Mexican food has and I especially love tacos, quesadillas, burritos and all the wonderful varieties of street food there. Hot sauce is another thing I absolutely love and the best stuff comes from Mexico, so if you do go make sure you stock up on this.

The people

I really love the people in Mexico, they are friendly and polite and are some of the most tourist friendly people from any destination I have ever visited. They are quiet and can be a little reserved, but will always be willing to help you if they can. I am always humbled to see good people in this world and Mexico is my number one destination for this.

The history

The history of the Mayas and Aztecs is a fascinating one, especially from a religious perspective. These people built intricate pyramids to worship and make sacrifices to their gods. You can visit many of these ruins throughout Mexico and they are absolutely stunning. It is fascinating to think that even human sacrifices were made in these temples and it is very interesting to see such an intricate and complex religion develop in such an unlikely place.  

The language

I have been to Spain many times and it is a beautiful place and of course is the origin of the language itself, but I much prefer the Mexican Spanish. It is a little slower and clearer and just sounds so much nicer to hear. I would recommend learning a few words before you do visit, just the basic things like “hello”, “please” and “thank you”. If you want you could do a bit more which the locals will be sure to appreciate.

The nature

One of the biggest assets of Mexico is its biodiversity, we already talked about beaches, but that’s not all that it has to offer. There are also forests, lakes, waterfalls and mountains for you to enjoy too.

Sink holes

Along the Yucatan peninsula there are thousands of sink holes that you can swim, dive and snorkel. These are very amazing and a great place to explore, especially if you like a good adventure or two.
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