When summer slowly starts

When summer slowly starts to fade into autumn and the nights are shortening and the leaves are turning, we are left with a feeling similar to when a beloved friend has to head back to their far-away home. You might think about all the things that you didn’t get to do, reminisce about the adventures you had, and pledge that the next time you are together, it will be even more unforgettable! In order to make sure that you have the best summer possible, start brainstorming today about what would make you the happiest. Not only will this give you a stockpile of ready to jump on ideas when the sunny days roll around, but it will also help you endure those never ending winter evenings.


One of the things on my list was to spend a portion of my winter in someone else’s summer, so after much mulling over I finally decided on the Philippines. With their beautiful beaches, cheap airfare, and 7,000+ islands,  I knew that it would be mathematically impossible for me to not find my beachside paradise. I had never travelled out of the country before and enjoying 2 summers in one year was a wonderful thing, though you don’t have to travel as far as I did to get to enjoy those beach days. So just pack a couple bags, strap on the car seat, and head west!


There are many places in southern California that will provide you with the warm sand, the hot sun, and the cold drinks, all year long. In mid-January, if you find yourself feeling like the cold is weighing you down until you can barely function, make your way over to Long Beach and lay on the beach for a few days! What I love about California is that thanks to it’s size, each city is very different from the others. If you go from San Francisco to Los Angeles, not only is the weather vastly different, but so are the people, styles, landscapes, and nature. Southern California has long been known for its ‘year round summertime’ and has played it up with their beautiful beach towns, catering to travelers from all over the world who are looking for a charming escape.


Whether your vision of a perfect summer day includes laying on a field watching the clouds, baseball games with your friends, splashing around at the pool, laying in a hammock with lemonade and your favorite book, rollercoasters and waterslides, beach side full service experiences, or chasing fireflies at night while a bonfire roars, summer is a season we have all enjoyed most of our lives. With the thankful reprieve from school taking place in our warmest months, we have been set up to enjoy this break from routine. When we get older and no longer get summer vacations, we owe it to ourselves to do the best we can to step outside out office and away from our computers and get out into the sunshine. Before you know it, the nights will lengthen along with your shirt sleeves and you’ll be daydreaming of the next return of those blue sky days.