Make Life Easy – Book Through a Luxury Travel Agent

It is becoming more and more apparent that people are booking holidays themselves these days, organising the flights, hotels, transfers and tours online.

I consider myself quite a seasoned traveller and travel regularly each year, but even planning some trips can get very complicated indeed. If I am looking to treat my girlfriend to a luxury holiday there are so many aspects to coordinate:

  • Picking the destination and finding the right activities there
  • Booking the flights (if it’s an exotic destination then it can be very tricky)
  • Finding a luxurious hotel in a good location
  • The hidden charges that sneak in, as they seem to do each time
  • Wondering if there’s a problem, will there be a refund?


My simple advice from now on is that if you’re looking for a truly special holiday, then you should consider using a luxury travel company – for me, it’s the only way to go! Our last trip to Botswana couldn’t have gone better; if I hadn’t used The Luxury Holiday Company and instead tried to do it all myself, it could have taken years to plan. (If you’re curious, the route we took was similar to this Botswana itinerary on their site – but they tailor-make all of their trips to suit the traveller, so this is just a sample.)

I think something that is all to easily forgotten, especially by myself, is that not everyone is a travel expert. Ok I might be a well-travelled person, but I’d never been to Botswana in my life and needed to make sure that, for the amount of money it would cost, this holiday of a lifetime was perfect. Luxury travel companies have experts with years of knowledge to make sure that the trip goes like a dream, and one of the things that attracted me to The Luxury Holiday Company was the fact that the travel consultants all had extensive experience travelling (sometimes even living) in the regions they were selling.

Making a booking through an agent took so much weight off my shoulders and left me with much more time to enjoy myself and focus on other things. You want to make sure that any luxury holiday you take goes exactly to plan, and with an agent it’s a guarantee. The itinerary in Botswana was out of this world. There were no mistakes or mishaps, which can often happen if you plan the trip yourself.

On a luxury holiday there’s simply no hassle. Booking through our agent and custom-designing our own holiday meant there was no searching to find the best guide, no being hassled by touts, and most of all, we had the support of our consultant the entire time we were away in case something did go wrong. I can’t advise people enough to try a luxury travel company to plan their next holiday enough. If you really want to travel to one of the world’s best destinations and feel special for your holiday then it’s the only way to go.